UDCM module using Start-UDRestAPI

I’m overdue for this, and it might possibly suck, but here goes: I created a REST API app using UD 2.7 glued together with dbatools and adsips. It caches data from a ConfigMgr site database, as well as via the WMI provider, and AD users and groups. Just as a prototype of what’s possible. It’s on PS gallery, so it can be installed as follows:

install-module udcm

Use Get-Help New-UDCM -Examples for more details.

It’s been tested on Windows 10 and Server 2019 with PS 5.1 against ConfigMgr 1910 and AD. There are a few more examples on the GitHub repo readme page.

I’m going to move some of the query logic out to the .json file, but when I get more time.