UDButtonLoader doesnt come back in normal state

First of all i really liked this UDButtonLoad, looks really good. However currently I am facing problem getting button state back to normal.

Once I click on button I can see the Jiggling lines while in background my script is getting executed. But even after finishing the execution button state is not coming to normal.

here is the code which I am using,

New-UDButtonLoader -Id “Loading” -Text “button” -Color “#26a69a” -BackgroundColor “#6f42c1” -Icon fighter_jet -loaderType jiggling-lines -onClick {
Show-UDToast -Message “Started!”
import-module “script.ps1”
$Cache:nmapout=myfunction $cache:data1 $cache:data2
Show-UDToast -Message “Completed!”

Helpful if you can let me know what is wrong here. I am loading external script and it is perfectly working fine in background.