UDButtonLoader does not come back to original state

Hi Team,

I was trying to execute external script in onClick event and it is getting execute perfectly however once completed button state is not coming back to normal.

Even after completion I can see the jiggling lines, till the point I refresh my page completly.

So not sure what is the problem here, I am new to this. Helpful if you can support. Thanks

New-UDButtonLoader -id “loading” -Text “button” -Color “#26a69a” -BackgroundColor “#6f42c1” -Icon fighter_jet -loaderType jiggling-lines -onClick {
Show-UDToast -Message “Started!”
import-module -force “f:\data\project\MITRE\T1046.ps1”
$Cache:out=myfunc $cache:data1 $cache:data2
Show-UDToast -Message “Completed!”