UD Templates for getting started

I was chatting with Arnaud Petitjean and he had a great idea. Wouldn’t it be neat if there were some UD templates? We could use something like EPS or Plaster to take in variables and then generate web sites based on those variables.

We could publish these guys up on the UD Marketplace and then users could get up and running with a layout really quickly.


This would be absolutely amazing and overall an extremely useful asset. I would pay extra for this feature.

@ artvandelay440

Provided an example of doing this several months ago.

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I was thinking something like provided a configuration file and let the ud configure it self .

like a psd1 file.

something like this idea https://mui-treasury.com/components/layout

What I was suggesting in this post was less general purpose than this stuff. I like the idea of having UD configured via a PSD1 or something like @artvandelay440 has done but I was just thinking some simple pre-made layouts with some controls, colors and pages as examples of what you can do.

I was thinking like:

  • Simple dashboard template
  • Help desk tool template
  • Authentication and user profile template

That kinda stuff.

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we need to split more components for making templates , so the dashboard not look the same,
we need commands like new-udnavbar -content { tabs | links } -hidden -itemposition center | full -extra { links | tabs } … , new-udsidebar -variant mini | fixed | temporary, new-udlogo, new-udtitle -Dynamic ‘will be match the page name or url’ -style @{} … , some ideas i have for making the dashboard more customizing.

every component need to be self contained and we need to used the children prop and not hard code the

and not using new-uddashboard parameters for this insted of navbarcolor etc new-uddashboard should have -Content {} parameter and all the things going in there.


I agree. I think we can still make templates without this but I think the change you suggest here is necessary moving forward.

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One reason I haven’t done this already is that it will break everyone’s dashboard. I think we should either consider cutting a 3.0 release or think of some way to prevent breaking everything

it will break everyone’s dashboard but it’s must have, so we can make ud better

Yeah thats why im thinking about making it a 3.0 release

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sound good to me , lets break everything’s in v.3.0 and start with fresh ud .