UD Table Header Allignment when table is bigger than the browser window

The Column headers line up fine on an ultrawide screen, but as soon as the data exceeds the window, they become strange:

Table code:

$Columns = @(

        New-UDTableColumn -IncludeInExport -Property Name -Title Name

        New-UDTableColumn -IncludeInExport -Property Distinguishedname -Title DN -Hidden

        New-UDTableColumn -IncludeInExport -Property UserPrincipalName -Title UPN -DefaultSortColumn

        New-UDTableColumn -IncludeInExport -Property EmployeeID -Title EmployeeID 

        New-UDTableColumn -IncludeInExport -Property EmployeeNumber -Title EmployeeNumber

        New-UDTableColumn -IncludeInExport -Property EmployeeType -Title EmployeeType

        New-UDTableColumn -IncludeInExport -Property AccountExpirationDate -Title ExpirationDate

        New-UDTableColumn -IncludeInExport -Property Displayname -Title Displayname

        New-UDTableColumn -IncludeInExport -Property CanonicalName -Title Path

        New-UDTableColumn -IncludeInExport -Property Enabled -Title Enabled

        New-UDTableColumn -IncludeInExport -Property LastLogonDate -Title LastLogonDate

        New-UDTableColumn -IncludeInExport -Property ManagerUPN -Title ManagerUPN


    New-UDTable -Data $Cache:NorlysUsers -columns $Columns -DefaultSortDirection ascending -sort -paging -pagesize 20 -ShowSearch -Export
Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.7.3

I opened an issue for this.

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