UD-Monitor seems to be broken in v 2.9.1


Am testing migrating from ud 2.9.0 to PSU 1.3.0 with UD 2.9.1 and it seems that udmonitor is broken
below is the screenshot of cpu processor time

no colors and the column keep going to the end of the page.

code below

New-UdColumn -Size 6 -Content {
                        New-UdMonitor -Title "CPU (% processor time)" -Type 'Line' -DataPointHistory 20 -RefreshInterval 5 -ChartBackgroundColor '#80FF6B63' -ChartBorderColor '#FFFF6B63'  -Endpoint {
						    try {
								Get-Counter '\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time' -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Select-Object -ExpandProperty CounterSamples | Select-Object -ExpandProperty CookedValue | Out-UDMonitorData
                            catch {
								0 | Out-UDMonitorData

I have the same problem. Charts will keep stretching vertically forever.

I’ve opened a bug for this. I’ll have to look into what’s going on there. https://github.com/ironmansoftware/powershell-universal/issues/23

This is resolved in tonight’s nighty build and will be in 1.3.1 (UDv2.9.2)

Thank you Adam

Is there anything similar to UDMonitor in UD3?

Not yet. You could achieve something like this with New-UDDynamic and New-UDNivoChart. That said, I hope to move UDChart and UDMonitor out of the v2 framework and into the charts component library so it works with both frameworks.

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That would be great! Then I can migrate my VMWare and Citrix Monitorring dashboards to V3 :slight_smile:
Nevertheless, I will give your idea a try


Nightly releases shows wed july 29, have not seen any new nightly with these fixes.

Hmmm. Yep. Something is messed up with that page.

Latest nightly build number is: 195486107

But when I sort, I don’t see that. Only when I search. Also, Linux build is missing. Blarg.

EDIT: Should be fixed now

Any update on UD monitor and why the colors not working?

Hi, any news about UDMonitor in V3 ?
Using New-UDDynamic and New-UDNivoChart doesn’t seem to be the same because it doesn’t keep the history
Thanks !

@wsl2001 - Colors should be fixed. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner.
@Adeel - We’ve added ChartJS as separate library so we should be able to easily bring back UDMonitor. I’ll get it added to our back log.

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hey Adam, I also stumbled on New-UDMonitor not being available. I’ve added the component ‘UniversalDashboard.Charts’ to no avail. Should I periodically check for a new component ‘UniversalDashboard.ChartsJS’?

We have the return of UDMonitor scheduled for the 1.5 release and that should be later next month. It’s not in the nightly build yet.