New-UdMonitor - Data is Always Blank

I’m running in to an odd issue where New-UDMointor data isn’t being charted. This is happening on 2 different Win10 pro machines. I copied the server performance dashboard directly and ran it. There are no errors and some data populates but the line/bar graphs are all empty. I can see everything in the server information table, memory/cpu/handle/threads by process, and disk space by drive. However, no data populates for the UdMonitors. CPU/Memory/Network/Disk are all empty. Running processes seems to populate just fine.

If I hit F12 and click network, I can see a number of calls being made to query data. If I view any of the URL’s I can see valid data but the data never populates on the chart. Appreciate any advice on this.

I’ve opend an issue for this. Adam already marked it as a bug.

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Understood, thank you!