Ud-control and the plaster template?

Hey all,

so I am trying to do a new control, and I cloned the template repository, and trying to run that plaster template, but I am really wondering on what to tell it about the “type name of the control” ?

The name of the control

why ask for the same twice? :slight_smile:

Hey @McAndersDK so in my head i abbreviated the control name until I get it working (as has taken me more than numerous attempts to get a component working) so for example the New-UDSweetAlert I didn’t want to type that a loada of fail attempts…so I answer:-
Then the project will build then output to the output folder…import that module and you should be good to go :slight_smile:

Hope this answers the question? I only went by the youtube vid I watched dozens of times…

Different files different intent