Any body wanna write this to ud?

so we can have more options for a component library, this one is from Microsoft looking very cool.

@adam is working on MaterialUI
@AlonGvili is working on Ant-Design

it’s a lot of work.

I’d be more than happy to try and build these components…just not sure if I can do it to your standard but as long as I bind it to UD so you can read and set values is that cool enough?

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the only requirement is that you are using function components not classes, and make all the components import in index.js lazy-loaded it make the bundle size smaller and load fastest

here is the index.js in the ant-design module im working on for example.

it will be good practice for you and help you sharp you js coding skills

so as I understand you have chosen to use hooks in v3 so it is functions…you kindly helped me out on the feedback component using hooks, but I didn’t grasp it enough to carry on using that method. Well I am happy to take this on, if you could be so kind to show me the ropes I am sure I can get this done :crazy_face:

this wil help you start


@AlonGvili you the man…thanks for all the homework :roll_eyes: see lots of fun-times ahead :crazy_face: you know I love using UD so this will be a great honour