Even Better Tables?

@adam I was browsing around for a project I’m working on in Grafana (they won’t let me use UD for everything, unfortunately) when I stumbled across this DataTables.Net. It appears to be a fairly succinct way of implementing extensible, searchable, and editable tables.

Now, I don’t have a ton of time to dig into this right now and I know you only recently updated the way tables work, I just wanted to put it out there for you, or anyone else who might find this worth expanding on here

P.S. I just heard you on the PowerScripting Podcast yesterday – great show man! Glad to hear/see you around and get a tonal feel for your enthusiasm about what you’re working on! As always, your work in the community is greatly appreciated!

The current plan is to use the Tables out of Material UI with the v3 release: https://material-ui.com/components/tables/

I’d be open to looking into another table framework if the desire for it is large enough but will probably release it as a separate module. I’ve used datatables quite a bit. One downfall is that it doesn’t play great with react. One component that I also was looking at was react data grid: https://adazzle.github.io/react-data-grid/ That would provide an Excel-like experience.

Thanks for listening to the podcast! I really enjoy being on their show.

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Oh yea, it was a great listen - everyone should check it out!

Re: Tables:
It seems like you’ve got a pretty strong handle on it! I’m sure the amount of time that you are putting into just figuring out which direction to go in with some of these components is complicated enough! If you’re working with implementations of various different frameworks, there’s always the option of implementing the various options as some sort of switch or parameter set (though I’m sure that adds a whole new layer of complexity that might not be anywhere near worth the effort).

As always, I’m happy to contribute where I can, when I can - I’m not well versed in react, but am pretty good at figuring out weird issues within PS, configuration oddities in pretty much anything, and making things work that shouldn’t.

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