Trigger causing script to kick off multiple times


I noticed something weird, and maybe I am not implementing it right.
I have a script that is set to run every hour (pulls data from Terradata, trim’s it down and puts in a MSQL Database). I have a trigger when this script completes to kick off alert.ps1 which looks at the incoming data in the new database and determines if an alert needs to be kicked off to the correct team.

The issue is that the triggered script is kicking off every minute (sometimes 2)?
This can be verified by clicking on script in triggers and seeing the last runs. I have a job that updates the table to prevent multiple alerts, however, with it running back to back it is causing multiple emails to get sent.

I deleted & recreated the alerting piece from scratch to see if it was something lingering, did not work.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.9.1

This will be resolved in 2.10. It’s a bug.

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Thank you!
Our Production environment is using this for alerting. Do you happen to know an ETA for release of 2.10?

April 12th is our next scheduled release.

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