Tonight nightly release zip for iis is broken

2020-09-23T01:11:26.6906365+00:00 [INF] Content root path: “D:\PSU” (b5d60022)
2020-09-23T01:11:26.9398187+00:00 0HM2VBMC8U83H:00000001 [INF] Request starting HTTP/1.1 GET (ca22a1cb)
2020-09-23T01:11:26.9716097+00:00 0HM2VBMC8U83H:00000001 [WRN] Failed to determine the https port for redirect. (ca76cc21)
2020-09-23T01:11:27.0801530+00:00 0HM2VBMC8U83H:00000001 [INF] Executing RedirectResult, redirecting to “/admin”. (d98d540e)
2020-09-23T01:11:27.0876640+00:00 0HM2VBMC8U83H:00000001 [INF] Request finished in 151.0471ms 302 (791a596a)
2020-09-23T01:11:27.1008395+00:00 0HM2VBMC8U83H:00000002 [INF] Request starting HTTP/1.1 GET (ca22a1cb)
2020-09-23T01:11:27.1113156+00:00 0HM2VBMC8U83H:00000002 [INF] Request finished in 10.4764ms 404 (791a596a)
2020-09-23T01:12:06.0194929+00:00 [INF] Starting groom job. (bad5cbbf)
2020-09-23T01:12:06.0242289+00:00 [INF] Groom date is: 8/24/2020 1:12:06 AM (dd141722)
2020-09-23T01:12:06.0249117+00:00 [INF] Old jobs: 0 (be620771)
2020-09-23T01:12:06.0277527+00:00 [INF] Finished groom job. (ccb4f234)
2020-09-23T01:13:06.0268577+00:00 [INF] Starting groom job. (bad5cbbf)
2020-09-23T01:13:06.0281937+00:00 [INF] Groom date is: 8/24/2020 1:13:06 AM (8533b827)
2020-09-23T01:13:06.0293351+00:00 [INF] Old jobs: 0 (be620771)
2020-09-23T01:13:06.0312032+00:00 [INF] Finished groom job. (ccb4f234)
2020-09-23T01:13:47.7344278+00:00 0HM2VBMC8U83I:00000001 [INF] Request starting HTTP/1.1 POST 0 (ca22a1cb)
2020-09-23T01:13:47.7353630+00:00 0HM2VBMC8U83I:00000001 [INF] Request finished in 0.9964ms 202 (791a596a)
2020-09-23T01:13:47.7393715+00:00 [INF] Application is shutting down… (90f52c38)
2020-09-23T01:13:47.7678890+00:00 [WRN] Exception during stop. (69827b32)
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Universal.Server.Services.SecurityProxy.StopAsync() in D:\a\universal\universal\src\Universal.Server\Services\SecurityProxy.cs:line 83
2020-09-23T01:13:57.9069278+00:00 [INF] User profile is available. Using ‘“C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\ASP.NET\DataProtection-Keys”’ as key repository and Windows DPAPI to encrypt keys at rest. (7ac5e29c)
2020-09-23T01:13:58.3556813+00:00 [INF] Starting C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe with command line -NonInteractive -NoProfile -NoExit -Command “& { [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFrom(‘D:\PSU\Host-v5\Host.dll’) | Out-Null; [UniversalHost.AgentService]::StartApi(57570, 15420) }” (4770f266)
2020-09-23T01:13:58.3557796+00:00 [INF] Starting job using Process. (4d0a5a43)
2020-09-23T01:14:02.5182608+00:00 [INF] Overriding endpoints defined in UseKestrel() because “PreferHostingUrls” is set to true. Binding to address(es) ‘“”’ instead. (a6cd99e2)
2020-09-23T01:14:02.5289029+00:00 [INF] Now listening on: “” (d826f4b8)
2020-09-23T01:14:02.5315122+00:00 [INF] Application started. Press Ctrl+C to shut down. (dcaefe54)
2020-09-23T01:14:02.5315957+00:00 [INF] Hosting environment: “Production” (c3307c92)
2020-09-23T01:14:02.5316190+00:00 [INF] Content root path: “D:\PSU” (b5d60022)
2020-09-23T01:14:02.6596895+00:00 0HM2VBNQLUPB6:00000001 [INF] Request starting HTTP/1.1 GET (ca22a1cb)
2020-09-23T01:14:02.6988957+00:00 0HM2VBNQLUPB6:00000001 [WRN] Failed to determine the https port for redirect. (ca76cc21)
2020-09-23T01:14:02.8364204+00:00 0HM2VBNQLUPB6:00000001 [INF] Request finished in 180.3605ms 404 (791a596a)


I’m running a new nightly. Looks like a bug snuck into yesterday’s nightly.

issue is resolved, thank you , one more thing you have an extra folder path under code editor so its erroring in the log that is unable to find *.psd1 in that folder i was able to resolve it manually by copying the folder files to the root of the code editor folder.
just fyi.

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