Powershelluniversal.com ssl certificate issue

@adam I was looking to reference the PSU website for something (rather than directly linking to IMS) and found that at least some of the time there are SSL issues. Go figure after the screenshot I couldn’t replicated it (maybe the cert was being updated?).

Beyond the initial issue, attempting to access the site without the www subdomain, there is a 525 error. Just thought you might want this brought to your attention.

Thanks! Weird. I think PSU.com is just a redirect to IMS.com so I’ll need to look into what’s going on there.

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It appears that www.powershelluniversal.com has its own certificate which expired on Thu, 27 Jan 2022 15:19:20 GMT (pictured below). However, docs.powershelluniversal.com is on a different certificate.


docs.powershelluniversal.com is hosted by Gitbooks so we don’t control that certificate.

Would it be advisable to redirect www.powershelluniversal.com to the docs link? I am not sure how OP stumbled on this since this URL is not normally linked anywhere.

I’ve set it up to redirect to the main website and fix the cert issue.

There is still an issue when you go to PSU.com without the www. It auto redirects to https but won’t redirect to IMS

Infrastructure is a pain. @adam how many layers of obfuscation have you got between the open internet and the IMS servers over there? =p

The PowerShellUniversal.com domain is a special one…

I really should probably just repurpose it with a landing page but right now it goes CloudFlare → DnsRedirect.io (Azure) → 302 Redirect → CloudFlare → PowerShell Universal - Ironman Software (Azure).

It’s likely a bad mapping in some CloudFlare DNS or DNS Redirect…

Oof, that’s pretty brutal. Is there any way you can cut out some of that? Maybe using cloud flare?