Table like in Excel

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.8.5


Im looking for a way to create a “table / list”, like in Excel.

So like the New-UDTable, but where its its vertical, and where i can change the color based on the value - so if the value is $true, then its green - and if its $false, then its red (or something similar)

What cmdlet, should i use for this?

There is some info here regarding flipping Columns and Rows to display a table like that

Table Formatting - Universal Dashboard / Universal Dashboard Help - Ironman Software Forums

I don’t know about coloring individual cells though, i’d just throw some symbols in there instead

Thanks for the reply - that got me 90% there! :slight_smile:

But im missing a way, to define each row - as the datatype (bit, int, etc) is not the same.

So for ContainmentEnabled & BackupCompressionDefined, i could use the same logic (if $true / $false) - but if the MaxDOPValue is less or equal to 1, then its bad - if its higher than 4 its also bad.

Would also like to have the option, to rename each column, so that it contains spaces :slight_smile:

Ended up using New-UDListItem combined with New-UDIcon.
Its not a table, but its does the job :slight_smile:

Just in case someone else, might face the same issue