More help with V3 tables

Hey is there an easy way for me to display something from a get command in a table?

For example if I do a get-service

can I just create a table from that? with New-UDTable -Data $Data or do I need to break it up?

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I currently get this error from trying the above.

I tried piping $data to Out-UDTableData but that just gives me a blank table. Guess I need to loop through and process it into some sort of format UDtable needs?

It’s likely a serialization error with the object returned by Get-Service. I’d try using Select-Object or ForEach-Object to select out the properties that you want.

You can also define custom columns for New-UDTable to have it select the properties you want automatically. By default, it’s trying to serialize all the properties of the object.

Yeah I tried the Select-Object but that did not change anything. It seems strange that this is not working.

Any good way to trouble shoot it just says No records to display

Ill try the forEach