Table checkbox disappears when checked in dark mode

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.1

Noticed this after upgrading to 3.7.1. In dark mode the checkbox is blue, but when checking it the box disappears. Clicking where the box should be makes it re-appear. Should this stay blue, and just mark it as checked?


Are you using the default theme (AntDesign)?

I ask because it looks like this to me.


Also, is this checkbox in some other component?

As far as I know it is the default theme. I haven’t made any CSS or other changes, that is not my forte. This is the selection textbox in a basic table

New-UDTable -id "tbl_data" -Data $data -showselection

Regular checkboxes work correctly. This is just the selection checkbox in a table.

Ah, ok. Thanks. I’ll take a look.