New-UDTable | Checkbox undefined when checking or unchecking box

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.3.1

Good evening,

I’m trying to put together a table for my help desk that will let me review their progress for upgrading machines to Windows 10. I have the table created, the checkboxes for if they completed the upgrade or if they removed the machine. I have a few issues…

  1. When I check a box (New-UDCheckox) I can’t seem to switch the state of checked to true or false. It’s always false.

  2. I’d like to save the state of the table as they work through upgrading machines.

  3. When exporting to PDF the Checkboxes always show as undefined whether checked or unchecked.

My Code

    $tabledatacolumns = @(
        New-UDTableColumn -Property Completed -Title Completed -IncludeInExport -Render {
            New-UDCheckBox -Id 'Completed'  -OnChange {
                Show-UDToast -Message (Get-UDElement -Id 'Completed').checked
        New-UDTableColumn -Property Removed -Title Removed -IncludeInExport -Render {
            New-UDCheckBox -Id 'Removed' -OnChange {
                Show-UDToast -Title 'Checkbox' -Message "You Checked me! Removed"
                Show-UDToast -Message (Get-UDElement -Id 'Removed').checked
        New-UDTableColumn -Property Name -Title Name -IncludeInSearch -IncludeInExport
        New-UDTableColumn -Property Designation -Title Designation  -IncludeInExport -Render {
            New-UDSelect -Option {
                New-UDSelectOption -Name 'Shop Floor' -Value 'Shop Floor'
                New-UDSelectOption -Name 'Kiosk' -Value 'Kiosk'
                New-UDSelectOption -Name 'Named' -Value 'Named'
                New-UDSelectOption -Name 'Shared' -Value 'Shared'
        New-UDTableColumn -Property NewName -Title "New Name" -IncludeInSearch -IncludeInExport -Render {
        New-UDTableColumn -Property DistinguishedName -Title DistinguishedName
        New-UDTableColumn -Property Operatingsystem -Title Operatingsystem
        New-UDTableColumn -Property SamAccountName -Title SamAccountName
    New-UDTable -Data $tabledata -Columns $tabledatacolumns -Title "Windows 10 Upgrade Project" -Dense -ShowSearch -ShowSort -Export

Please advise. Thank you!

I can’t seem to figure out how to export to PDF with the updated information.

Here’s the Table:

Here’s the PDF:

Has anyone encountered this?

This seems like a bug but you might be able to work around it by creating a custom export function: Table - PowerShell Universal