PowerShell Universal - 3.7.1

PowerShell Universal - 3.7.1

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue with API schemas.


  • Fixed an issue where the Demo mode dashboard would not work on Unix
  • Fixed an issue with the MSI installer



Can confirm that the installer works as expected now :smiley:

I notice in the demo, that the light/dark mode switch looks like this:
I really like that. Is there something we need to do to get that?

This is part of the Ant Design theme. Switching over to that theme would change all your components. It’s the default theme so if you remove the theme parameter, you would get it.

That said, I think we should come up with a better looking one for the Material Design theme…

The new theme is wonky… it still needs some work i believe…

Specific examples would be great.

I do know about this one: Disabled controls are hard to see with the Ant Design theme · Issue #1910 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub

Labels on textboxes in dark theme are also hard to see, when the textbox is selected


New-UDTextbox -Label 'WhoCanBook' -Value "$($Eventdata.WhoCanBook)" -FullWidth -Variant outlined

When selected, sometimes some of the line around the box disappears, in light theme this is visible all times on disabled textboxes


New-UDGrid -Item -ExtraSmallSize 6 -Content {
   New-UDStack -Direction column -Content {
      New-UDTextbox -Label 'DisplayName' -Value "$($Eventdata.DisplayName)" -FullWidth -Variant outlined -Disabled
      New-UDTextbox -Label 'UserPrincipalName' -Value "$($Eventdata.UserPrincipalName)" -FullWidth -Variant outlined -Disabled
      New-UDTextbox -Label 'Hidden' -Value "$($Eventdata.HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled)" -FullWidth -Variant outlined -Disabled
      New-UDTextbox -Label 'WhoCanBook' -Value "$($Eventdata.WhoCanBook)" -FullWidth -Variant outlined -Disabled
   } -Spacing 3

Is there a system wide default theme switch?

something like:

Set-PSUSetting -DefaultTheme 'MaterialDesign'

Maybe you do and told us in some other thread that i cannot find.

Set-PSUSetting -DefaultDashboardTheme "MaterialDesign"

this does not work…

i cannot find it in the cmdlet:


:person_facepalming:This is being added in 3.8. Sorry about that.

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