Syntax AutoComplete Runs very slow in Web UI

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.19

Does anyone have tips or suggestions on how I can get the autocomplete functionaility to be more performant while writing PowerShell scripts from the code editor for Apps (User Interfaces>Apps>Edit Details) ?

If I have a command like say:

New-UDListItem -Label 'this is clearly a list'

Typed out and I want to see which available options the command has by typing ‘-’ it takes a 3-5 seconds for the list of commands to show up and on some rare occassions doesn’t show up until I erase and retype the ‘-’.

Are you guys using a different code editor like VS Code to edit your Pages/Apps and just saving to the App location or something? Maybe I’m developing the wrong way all together. I am rather new to PSU any advice would be great but I don’t see this delay if using PS ISE over the years so it feels bad when it happens with this app.

Intelisense is a bit of a hit/or miss in the webui. sometimes it works (albeit slowly), sometimes it does not, and other times it show autocomplete from other commands if you are sufficiently nested :smiley: