Storing and Visualizing Data with InfluxDB and Universal Dashboard

Here’s a little write up on how to use InfluxDB with Universal Dashboard.


oh that’s awesome, Grafana integration here i come!

I know this is an old article, but I think I have a use case for this now. I found the scripts on GitHub but there was a blog post that went along with the scripts that I recall running across. The Posted URL is redirecting to and the article is no longer available. I tried accessing the post on the Internet Archives Way Back Machine and the specific page wasn’t archived. I didn’t see it in your docs for or on github anywhere else.

Do you happen to have this available somewhere else that I’m unable to locate?

I’m wanting to write a dashboard utilizing CLI application and visualize the data with UD.


I’ve migrated this post:


Thank you very much for migrating the missing content from the old site! I’m sure everyone else will appreciate it as well.

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