Select or Switch a variable

Hey it’s me again :sweat_smile:

I want to have a way to change a variable that changes the display data so I try to use a New-UDSwitch like here but he don’t want to use correctly the layout and when I try it nothing change, so i try New-UDSelect but that don’t work too.

The variable I try to change it’s $Session:Domaine and I don’t care if the variable don’t change for all my pages

My script : here

Hello @papasoulman1 there is a blog on how to do this located here:-


@adam - Is there an updated location for these blogs? I’m not finding this on the site anymore.


Erm. Let me look into that. The blog posts were supposed to be migrated but I’m not seeing them either. We moved web servers like a month ago but these should have been migrated like 4 months ago…oy.

Although this is not the page from the blog, I did use the same technique showed…here is my dashboard page which allows a user to enter an ID number, then when submitted it will display the statistics of that vehicle from the database into each of the cards and fill in a chart:-

There was a blog post that I was trying to look over a little while back that appears to of not been migrated as well.

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