Dynamically Hide/Show Layout

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

Does a way exist to dynamically hide and show an entire layout? But I have yet to find a working way to hide/show an entire UD-GridLayout based on the input from a selectoption.

I know it’s possible to hide/show specific elements using the -OnChange flag on a UD-SelectOption

Not directly but you can do something like this. Set a session variable and then reload the dynamic region to rerun the logic about which item is selected.

New-UDSelect -OnChange {
   $Session:SelectedOption = $EventData
   Sync-UDElement -Id 'region'

New-UDDynamic -Id 'region' -Content {
   if ($Session:SelectedOption -eq 'gridlayout1')
         New-UDGridLayout #...

I’m struggling to get that to work; maybe you can see what’s wrong. I have several selects in this page but here’s the one that matters

    $TopLayout = '{"lg":[
    New-UDGridLayout -Content {
        New-UDSelect -Id "ServerTypeSelect" -Label "Server Type" -DefaultValue "Windows" -Option {
            New-UDSelectOption -Name "Windows Server" -Value "Windows"
            New-UDSelectOption -Name "Linux" -Value "Linux"
            New-UDSelectOption -Name "Appliance" -Value "Appliance"
        } -OnChange {
            $Session:SelectOption = $EventData
            Write-Host $Session:SelectOption
            Sync-UDElement -Id 'dynOSSelect'
            Sync-UDElement -Id 'dynDisk'
            Sync-UDElement -Id 'dynAdmin'
    } -Layout $TopLayout
New-UDDynamic -Id 'dynAdmin' -Content {
        if ($Session.SelectedOption -eq "Windows") {
            New-UDGridLayout -Id "AdminInputLayout" -Content {
                New-UDTextbox -Label "Local Administrators" -Id "LocalWindowsAdmins" -Placeholder "Per IT Security, use SA Accounts only" -Disabled
            } -Layout $WindowsSuperUserLayout
        elseif ($Session.SelectedOption -eq "Linux") {
            New-UDGridLayout -Id "AdminInputLayout" -Content {
                New-UDTextbox -Label "SSH Access" -Id "LocalLinuxAdmins" -Placeholder "Per IT Security, use SA Accounts only" -Disabled
                New-UDSelect -Label "Sudoers Access" -Id "SudoersSelect" -DefaultValue "Select as many Sudo Groups as Needed" -Disabled -Option {
                    $aLinuxSudoersGroups = Get-ADGroup -Filter 'gidNumber -like "*"' -Properties gidNumber | Select-Object SamAccountName, gidNumber | Sort-Object SamAccountName
                    foreach ($group in $aLinuxSudoersGroups) {
                        if (!($group.gidNumber -eq '450') -and !($group.gidNumber -eq '10019')) {
                            New-UDSelectOption -Name $group.SamAccountName -Value $group.SamAccountName
                } -Multiple: $true        
            } -Layout $LinuxSuperUserLayout
        else {
            New-UDGridLayout -Id "AdminInputLayout" -Content {