UDGridLayout - Drag and Drop Layouts for UD

I just open-sourced and published UDGridLayout. You can add it to your v3 dashboards to layout pages by dragging and dropping and resizing control regions.


Hi @adam

Is there a way output the layout config from -Design to a file or config so i can create a page that is in -Layout mode, and it saves the layout to a file, then another page reads this as its layout? I guess the popup where you copy the layout is stuck in a variable somewhere, if i knew this i could then output that to a file.

Example: in a training room there are a load of desks, the desk layout is constantly changed by facilities, so they can go in and change the layout. That layout is then saved to a file, or config somewhere and when the page is then loaded by staff it is in -Layout $Layout mode?

Also, can the copy layout area be hidden? I guess this is also the case with -Dragable, Resizable -Persist, is that stored in a $var somewhere that i could use…?