Stepper move to next step after script

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.6

Is there a way to automatically move to the next step in a stepper after a script runs? I have a stepper doing some work and want it to automatically go to the next step after it finishes.

I could probably use New-UDValidationResult and a variable for this to skip, but how do I skip to finish? Would Finish in a 3 step stepper be step 3 (indicied to 0)?

working my way through this. The Validation just lets you move on, it doesn’t actually move you.

I need a way to “click” the next/finish button. Found it in the page, but it gets a random GUID as part of the name so I can’t force a click

Ok. I think I’ll use a dynamic with a table or something to show the work is in progress on step three and have the Finish page redirect to the start