Stepper, Keep Values on Screen if Next is clicked

I’ve created a stepper where users can run scripts from in the order they should be completed to achieve the goal. The first step is not dependent upon being completed for the others to complete until step 8-10.

For instance, Step 1 - Search Virtualized Server Inventory. This step might take 25-50 minutes, but Step 2 Doesn’t need it to be finished to run Step 2’s script. When I run Step 1, it processes and shows the code on a Code Editor on screen. I then click next to go to step 2. Step 2 loads as designed. But when I click back to step 1. Step 1’s Screen is brand new again, but the job from step 1 is still running.

Is there a way to keep the data on the screen until the job completes. OR use a pop up in the window to show that the job has completed and the step 8 or 9 can be successfully completed now?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.0.3

I am working on a stepper that keeps the values
Hoping to release this to the market place soon

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