Special characters not recognized by the API

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.0.5

We are facing the same issue, as a few other posts, regarding using special characters (Danish Æ,Ø,Å) in the API call.
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This is the API im using to test with:

    [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]    
New-PSUApiResponse -Body "$UserMessage" -StatusCode 200
$UserMessage | Out-File C:\temp\DebuggingMessage.txt

This is the call im making to the API:

$Data = @{
    UserMessage = "Ø"
} | ConvertTo-Json
Invoke-RestMethod -Method POST -Body $Data -AllowUnencryptedAuthentication -SkipCertificateCheck -ContentType 'application/json'

We have tried with the -ContentType “Application/Json; Charset=UTF8” but then PSU complains, that the parameter UserMessage is not missing on the client.

Both the data in DebuggingMessage.txt file and the return data from New-PSUApiResponse are showing the incorrect value.
We use English in all our UIs and documentation, but the API will be used to update peoples first and last name - so we need to be able to use the specialized characters.

Does anyone have a working solution, on how to get this working?

having the same issue with characters with accents, like á

Did you try using -Body ([System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetBytes($Data)) ?

On the APP page, I do the following in a function:

    $transDataJ = $transData | ConvertTo-Json 
    $transDataJB = [System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetBytes($transDataJ)
    $OutputREST = Invoke-RestMethod $RestURI -Method $Method -Body (@{ 
            Command = $Command
            Data    = $transDataJB
        } | ConvertTo-Json) -Headers @{ Authorization = "Bearer $BearerToken" } -ContentType 'application/json'

On the API side then:

    $TransData = [System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetString($Fields.Data) | ConvertFrom-Json

If there is a better solution here I would be a little happy :wink:

Yup - i forgot to mention that, but i already tried that, and that did not help.

Thanks for the example - but as you said, there should be an easier way to do this :slightly_smiling_face:
Its to easy to forget when during several APIs.

I don’t see this issue personally.

What environment are you using and what PS version are you using to call the API?

The one i used to create this post, are running:
API: pwsh 7.3.4 single process
Client: pwsh 7.3.4

This is my API:

    [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]    

"á" #-->This is always working as expected

New-PSUApiResponse -Body "$UserMessage" -StatusCode 200 #--> This only works if the client is using ([System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetBytes($Data))

This is from my client:

$Data = @{
    UserMessage = "Ø"
} | ConvertTo-Json
#This seems to be working
Invoke-RestMethod -Method POST -Body ([System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetBytes($Data)) -AllowUnencryptedAuthentication -SkipCertificateCheck -ContentType 'application/json'

#This is not working
Invoke-RestMethod -Method POST -Body $Data -AllowUnencryptedAuthentication -SkipCertificateCheck -ContentType 'application/json'

I would expect it to always be UTF8

Thanks for the workaround, I am experiencing the exact same issue

thanks, this did the trick for us as well!

we have an endpoint for posting mail, running in the 7.3.1 Agent environment
I tried playing around with the Content-Type and Content-Encoding headers without luck, if I Out-File the incoming $Body, it keeps ending up wrong without the workaround