API Encoding UTF-8

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.14


i created following API - Endpoint via WebUI ( GET /test )

#It’s all start with a single line of PowerShell code
Name = “ä#dasü+d”

When i click “run” on the WebUI i get the right response.

“Name”: “ä#dasü+d”

But if i copy the Invoke-RestMethod … template from WebUI and run it in a local Powershell, i get something confusing.

Invoke-RestMethod http://example.com:5000/test



what am i doing wrong?

thanks for your help.

On top of my head, try changing the file to UTF-8 with BOM

thx, for your help. But this endpoints.ps1 has already UTF-8 with BOM Encoding.

This is actually a problem with Windows PowerShell. It’s likely just an output thing in the console.

Here’s what it looks like in PS7


Thanks Adam.
When I ran the dashboard under 7.0.6 it works. :+1: