Different results when using scandinavian characters in URL parameters vs query parameters

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6


We are experiencing unexpected results when using scandinavian characters (latin characters) in URL parameters in API’s.

Having created to endpoints

  1. /api/folders/sharedfolders

  2. /api/folders/sharedfolders/:folderName

With the following POC code in both of them:

'a', 'æ', 'ø' | Where-Object { $PSItem -eq $searchString }

We are experiencing the following results:

1st Endpoint:

Invoke-RestMethod https://localhost:5000/api/latinTest?searchString=a -Method GET

Returns ‘a’

Invoke-RestMethod https://localhost:5000/api/latinTest?searchString=æ -Method GET

Returns ‘æ’

2nd Endpoint:

Invoke-RestMethod https://localhost:5000/api/latinTest/a -Method GET

Returns ‘a’

Invoke-RestMethod https://localhost:5000/api/latinTest/æ -Method GET

Returns nothing

If i log the params, i can see that in the 2nd endpoint, the parameters is URL encoded, whitch is not the case with the 1st one.

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