Show-UDToast Format of Text In box

Hello, complete noob to dashboard

Are you able to format the text that is shown in a UD Toast ie new lines different weights of text?
Also are you also able to set the size of the toast and not just the position of the toast, thanks

Hi @Auser409 and welcome to the universaldashboard community! I have personally not modified my toast messages beyond the parameters that are given, as in the text colour and background colour. However there is a few ways to go about solving the issue you have raised…you can either set a custom theme and use some CSS to tweak the settings, this will modify all toasts. Or if you want a particular toast to have the text looking different but not all toasts then use:-
If you read this post and still are like…“man that was no help what-so-ever”…I can try and post a demo, but just had a lot on lately. Peace

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