Change font color on Error Toast

I am having a hard time to figure out where do I set the font color - whenever I changed the css for izitoast message, it’s being crossed-out or overwritten. It’s just the color scheme (white) with bright pink box is very hard to read. Is this hard-coded?

'.iziToast-message' = @{

    'color' = '#FF0000'

    'font-size' = '20px'


# '.iziToast>.iziToast-body .iziToast-message' = @{

#     'color' = '#FF0000'

#     'font-size' = '20px'

#     'background-color' = '#FF0000'

# }


If it is being over-written have you tried adding !important to the end of the CSS as in
color = "#FF0000 !important"
This should then over-ride the default theme setting and keep the values you entered.