FontColor on UDCollapsibleItme no longer working after upgrading to 2.5

I was on 2.3.2 and it worked fine. I upgraded and now the font color doesnt seem to work. I have it set to -fontcolor “black” and it is showing up white.
Any ideas?

Hi @YouTheITGuy I used this approach:-

New-UDCollapsible -Popout -Items {
New-UDCollapsibleItem -Title “Complete Control” -Icon map_pin -BackgroundColor “#4392f1” -Content {
New-UDHeading -Color “#ffffff” -Text “Allowing you to manage all vehicles for Your Company, across all of the depots Your Company manage.”

I guess what i am trying to do is get the title for the collapsibleitem to be black but it is showing up white.

New-UDCollapsibleItem -Fontcolor "black" -Title "Chart for Active Users" -Icon arrow_circle_right -Content {


I’m thinking you must have something set in your theme? This is running 2.5.2 Black title text… this is a link to my theme I’m using for this dashboard

ok @YouTheITGuy I done some digging today as I was putting together a new dashboard

    'li' = @{
    'color' = "#ffffff"
'.collapsible-header' = @{
    'background-color' = "#4b88a2"
    'border-bottom' = "1px solid #dce6ea"
'.active'                                                                                                                       = @{
    'color' = "#c6c4c4"

This will style your collapsible

Thank you @psDevUK psDevUK! This resolved my problem!

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