Show navigation Get-UDPage


I’ve created a dashboard and added a few pages using the New-UDPage and Get-UDPage.
The New-UDPage has the -NavigationLayout ‘permanent’ which keeps the left navigation visible.

This option is not available on the Get-UDPage. When I visit a Get-UDPage page, the navigation disappears and only the hamburger menu shows.

Is there a way to show the navigation?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.9.8

Nevermind, I fixed it.

The pages GUI from the dashboard is not showing all code. From the configurations menu I was able to add the -NavigationLayout ‘Permanent’ property

New-UDPage -Url “/demo” -Name “Demo” -Content {

“This is a demo page”

} -Title “demo” -NavigationLayout ‘Permanent’