Should I have to run Install-PSUServer -AddToPath more than once on my MacBook?

I’m new to PowerShell Universal and new to the MacBook having been a Windows user for years. I have an M2 MacBook Air 15".

I installed PU and ran Install-PSUServer -AddToPath and then Start-PSUServer -Port 5050 and all was good. When I’d finished, I closed the Terminal window. Later, I opened another Terminal window and ran Start-PSUServer -Port 5050 and got

Exception: Unable to locate the Universal Server executable. You can use Install-PSUServer the server for your platform. Use the
-AddToPath parameter to add the installation directory the the PATH.

I ran Install-PSUServer -AddToPath again and then Start-PSUServer -Port 5050 again and all was good again. Should I have to run Install-PSUServer -AddToPath every time? It’s very slow.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.1.6