Send reports to email or messenger

Good day!
I`am looking for a best way to generate reports and send them to email or messenger.
And more, to have some AD automation through my slack / telegram / whats app.
For example, to reset user password by command in messenger.
Do you have any ideas?

Hi and welcome to the UD forum.
This doesnt really seem related to universal dashboard.
It sounds like a more general powershell how-to type query, I think this all depends on your requirements so it’s difficult to provide any answers without more information but I would suggest you come up with a list of requirements, google what is actually feasible and then find different ways of doing each small part of what you need to do until you can build a solution from that.
For example, for the reports, you could take a hashtable, use convertto-html -fragment and put it inside the bodyhtml using send-mailmessage OR you could export-csv to file and pass it into the -attachments instead, or you could just use universal dashboard and do away with the email all together :wink:

Take a look at the universal site & documentation, along with the dashboard you may find the API useful if you’re passing requests in from external sources to trigger specific actions. There are also various videos which demo the features of the platform.

Hi, insomniacc.
I wrote this message here, because i think that the dashboard is more then just a presentation of information via browser. Its data source. And its doesnt matter how we can get it. May be add support for a different presentations, like email, messengers and etc. You can do it with modular architecture , via plugins for example. I think it will be very useful for community.

Absolutely, from it’s name alone it sounds like just a way of putting together a few graphs, but once you dive in there’s so so much more you can do with it, after all its a framework - it is what you build out of it.

I use my dashboard for a multitude of things, I display content from Teamcity, sharepoint lists, AD, servicenow, AzureAD, SCOM, WMI etc.
I integrate both ways with most of these, for some I pull data, others I push it when a buttton is clicked, form is filled, etc.

May be add support for a different presentations, like email, messengers and etc. You can do it with modular architecture , via plugins for example. I think it will be very useful for community.

Maybe the case, although I’d hazard a guess that there’s currently a lot on the to-do list with v3, and the progression of UD as a whole, those things are ‘nice to haves’ not ‘need to haves’ and probably only fit certain use cases. I think development is centered around building the framework itself as opposed to the components just at the moment - I always keep an eye out on the blog to see whats happening and comments on the recent releases.
Things are open though so people can make their own components if you have the time to invest. Also take a look at the marketplace and/or the showoff forum here, as people often post new components there.
There’s even a chat component here:

As far as slack goes, you could no doubt do this pretty easy with a webhook &/or API, I doubt you’d be able to get much from whatsapp though given that it’s more closed off in that respect.

Well I like to keep things simple, so I personally set a scheduled task on my PC to email a distribution group with the URL of the dashboard, once a week. I have a login page on the dashboard and record who actually visits it. So I generate all my reports in the dashboard, and send a link…simples :smile:

Thank you, for exhaustive answer.

Its good idea, to make it simple. How about event driven push notification with dashboards content?

So again I like to keep it simple, I have designed a basic IT dashboard, and I have a powershell scheduled job that runs every 20 minutes indefinitely, this job checks via WMI if any of the terminal server RAM is below X amount…If it is it emails me a link to the dashboard, I have a page showing all the processes for each terminal server and username…I sort who is using the most memory, then from another tab I can filter the username get the session ID and on-screen message them to stop hogging so much RAM and to close X program using the RAM. Again other dashboards like the previous one, I feed it data via the scheduled jobs, and hold that info in the $cache variable for my pages. So thats how I do my notifications for my dashboards to alert me of a given situation :slight_smile: it might not be the smartest way but it works and I get the results I need in my dashboard