Just want to share some components/modales

I have started to make most of modules / components to universal so anyone can use them.
I’m doing this on my free time but if you have inputs or want to do PR or just use them feel free to do so :slight_smile:

Here is the repo:

You can also follow me on Twitter ( https://twitter.com/rstolpes ) or just watch this thread for updates with new Dashboards and other codes for PowerShell Universal.


I have added a new Dashboard where you can Show, download, Upload and delete files.

Here is the Repo:

Here is a video that are showing how it works. I have pre-uploaded some files to speed the recording up.


Thanks for sharing all this with the community! This is awesome!

Updated the upload-dashboard with some new functions.

  1. If a category (folder) are empty it will not show as a UDCard.
  2. You can now create a category (folder)
  3. You can delete a category (folder) now.

New demo video that shows this;

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