Looking for components

I want to build out some common components and examples that can easily be added to dashboards.

We are starting to add some component modules here: powershell-universal/Components at master · ironmansoftware/powershell-universal · GitHub

Here’s an example of using one of these component modules in a dashboard: https://youtu.be/LT4cuMpB3oI

So what technologies or components would you like to see on this repository? Feel free to drop a comment below or open an issue on the repository. I’m super open to PRs as well so if you have a component you’ve built that might be helpful to others, feel free to open one. I can help get it published ot the PS Gallery and Marketplace.

I wonder if there would be value in creating a VMWare component for quick-display of information out of vCenter. Not sure how well that would work, though, as the user would still have to download and install PowerCLI.

That’s exactly the type of component I’m thinking of building. It’s fine if it relies on PoweCLI and we could build out UD components for common things that might be handy in VMware environments. The SQL module for example, relies on dbatools.

I’ve never written a component for PSU (yet), but 99% of the automation I do for customers is VMWare, so could come up with a list of quick hits pretty easily.

one of the components or features i have seen requested is the ability to initiate an RDP to any server from the dashboard itself,i think this feature if possible will take powershell universal to the next level as a complete management tool.

Hey @adam just to chip in, how about an Exchange server dashboard module? I have a dashboard page that monitors mailbox sizes, last logins to mailboxes and a few other things, but for others running in-house exchange servers this could be useful?
Although I do not run it, or use it yet, but also seen people doing Office 365 dashboards in the forums, so an office 365 management module would be useful, for out-of-the-box to help people.