Schedules not running - Updated to Beta

Soooooooooooooooo I made the mistake of updating to the beta, now schedules sometimes dont run and I have to restart the powershell universal service all the time because it locks up.

I was wondering, is there a way to go back to the LTS without re-configuring everything?

I’m really just using it to run scripts in a schedule at the moment, not using the API functionality or anything like that.

I’d be curious to gather some more info about your issue with v3 if you can! Logs from %ProgramData%\PowerShellUniversal and a memory dump when it’s locked up would be super helpful (you can upload that here Dropbox - Submit files).

That’s a nice to have on my end but to get yourself back in a working state, you should be able to uninstall v3 and then install v2. Depending on what you configured in v3, you may run into problems but based on the fact that you’re just using scripts, hopefully there won’t be much to tweak.

I would recommend backing up %ProgramData%\UniversalAutomation before performing the rollback. If you do the rollback and have problems, please let me know and I can help get you into a working state.

Cheers mate, have uploaded those to you now