PSU 1.6 beta 2(?) feedback - License not recognized / Schedules not firing

Testing PSU 1.6 Beta 2 (I think? PSD1 says beta3)

It seems the License is not recognized properly. Or, at the very least, Automation schedules aren’t running ( I assumed this was how it might handle that). Manual invocation is fine. There is no indication in the logs as to why they aren’t kicking off on schedule.
Though it does show the Next Execution date as 1901:


I’ve opened an issue for this and will follow up once I take a look. PSU1.6 - Schedules not firing · Issue #127 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub

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I’ve haven’t been able to reproduce this on the 1.6-beta3 build I’m testing. We’ll be releasing it later this week so we might need to just retest this.

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If I happen to figure it out I’ll keep you posted. When you release the new beta, I’ll try with that. Possibly worth noting I am testing this using the MSI installer.

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