Running as a service vs IIS


We’ve been running PSU on IIS for a couple of years now without any issues, but as the dependency on the dashboards is growing, we’re starting to build out a new HA environment from scratch. Looking at the installation options, the MSI installation as a service is looking far more favorable than IIS, but are there any drawbacks to this aside from the cert management side of things & the ability to create additional sites in IIS (which we’re not interested in) please?

Thanks in advance!

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.18

The pros of IIS, I know, is Cert Management, multiple sites per server, nested sites, IIS is well known and well supported, IIS is theoretically more secure in the sense of being a more tested product.

The obvious con of IIS is that Kestrel is better known/supported by PSU piers.

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Thanks for the confirmation @PorreKaj , that was pretty much my understanding. I think we’ll most likely keep it simple & go down the Kestrel route then :slightly_smiling_face: