Running an app under alternate credentials no longer works

If I create a new dashboard App and use alternate credentials to run the app it still runs under the machine account.

This used to work before and still works for previously created apps but not new ones.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.0.12

if you look into the file: Repository\.universal\dashboards.ps1

Is there any noticeable difference between the ones that work and the ones that don’t?

Hello Insomniacc, I do not see any noticable difference between working and non-working entries.

New-PSUApp -Name “License Auditor” -FilePath “dashboards\License Auditor\License Auditor.ps1” -BaseUrl “/LicenseAudit” -Environment “Windows PowerShell 5.1” -AutoDeploy -Description “Edit license history items” -Credential “Testcred”

New-PSUApp -Name “Patch Schedule” -FilePath “dashboards\Patch Schedule\Patch Schedule.ps1” -BaseUrl “/PatchSchedule” -Environment “Windows PowerShell 5.1” -AutoDeploy -Description “Edit the patch schedule editor” -Credential “Testcred”