Issue running dashboard under default credential after 2.10.2 update

Was working fine in 2.10 but after upgrading to 2.10.2 I can no longer run a dashboard under default credentials. This is the error log when trying to start it:

Inner Exception: System.IO.FileLoadException
Failed to get dashboard. Assembly with same name is already loaded System.Management.Automation.CmdletInvocationException

Here’s what I did to test:
Create a fresh dashboard with default code and a new environment to run it in.
Run As with default creds causes this error on startup. Once I switch to a another cred which is defined in variables, there’s no error and it starts up fine.

Anyone else able to reproduce or have suggestions on the issue?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.10.2

This could be a mismatch with the Universal module. Can you try this on that machine to see if you have different versions installed?

Get-Module Universal -ListAvailable
Get-Module UniversalDashboard -ListAvailable 

Ran the commands with following results:
Get-Module Universal -ListAvailable returns a single entry with version 2.6.2
Get-Module UniversalDashboard -ListAvailable however returns nothing

Any thoughts?

You should try to remove\upgrade the Universal 2.6.2 module to see if that helps.

Uninstall-Module Universal
Install-Module Universal -RequiredVersion 2.10.2 

Updating resolved the issue, thanks for the help adam