Response to Feedback not working

I’m on version 1.3.0, PS version 5.1.17763.1007. I have a script that consists of two lines - first Write-Host then Read-Host.

The biggest issue is that the script will pause and show the “Response to Feedback” button, but when I enter a value and hit OK, nothing happens. The “Response to Feedback” button is still there and the script won’t proceed.

The second issue is that the first Write-Host line doesn’t display at all, until I cancel the script, at which point it does show in the Output window. This makes it impossible for the user to know what sort of input it expected.

A feature request, I suppose, would be to take the -Prompt parameter of Read-Host and display it in the Feedback window, so it’s clear what is wanted…

The issue with Read-Host is fixed in 1.3.1. It will include the prompt text and the UI has been fixed to accept the feedback successfully.

This will be available in tonight’s nightly build.

I’ll have to look into the issue with Write-host

That’s great, thanks Adam!