Automation output

I had a question about the output console on the web admin page for automation when you run a script. Should this show any Write-Host output from the running script? If so nothing is displayed for me from my script.

Thanks for any help.

It should show Write-Host and if it’s not, that’s a bug. I’ve added a backlog item to investigate.

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I can’t reproduce this. My script is just

Write-Host "Nice"


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That worked for me too. I even tried a simple foreach loop with multiple write-host and worked fine. I will test some more and see if I can reproduce and report back. Thanks for looking.

EDIT: So I see my issue, I was using the -ForegroundColor GREEN to color the output when running in PowerShell. Looks like this isn’t supported here and just doesn’t output anything when used.

Ah, weird. I will add an issue for this. That should at the very least output something.