Pages not displaying output

Hi folks,
I just created a page that processes a script and returns the two types of result, object (can change this to string if needed) and string. The form processes without issues, the script executes nicely but there is no output, not even the string.

I have checked all my settings (the output box is checked). I am able to see the progress and output If I run the page as an admin, but not a regular user. The regular user is able to submit the form and execute (user is in the “User” role) just no feedback/output. I even added xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to see if that helped but no luck. Access Role is in Place also.

Running 4.2.4

Any tips?

Thank you in advance…!

This was resolved, the “anonymous” box has to be checked on the script for output. Thank you AdamD for the response/tip, much appreciated…!