Prompting for script feedback in Dashboard

Hi Team

I am executing a script in a dashboard using “Invoke-PSUScript” my form passes through various parameters successfully, however there is a couple of sections in the script where the user is prompted for input via “Read-Host”

This work perfectly when executing the script directly under automations > Script and it then prompts via the “feedback” button.

Is there any way to have this feedback pop up inside the dashboard for the user to provide the required input?



Not at the moment but this will be possible in version 3.7. We’re enhancing Invoke-PSUScript to both support Read-Host and Write-Progress.

Here’s a preview of what that will look like.


Hi Adam

Thanks for the update, When is 3.7 likely to be released?


Second Tuesday of January.

@adam is this completed? how is the write-progress implemented?

Yep. These were implemented. You shouldn’t have to do anything in your dashboard for either of those to show up. Anything that triggers Read-Host or Write-Progress will surface in a dashboard.

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