[Resolved] PSSCriptAnalyzer warnings in VSCode

Has anyone figured out how to make VSCode ignore these warnings?


I’ve searched the wide webs and found that they can be suppressed by adding line on top of script, but I had no luck.
A lot of my files are dot sourced and I know these variables are used.

Hey raymix,
I use a PSScriptAnalyzerSettings.psd1 file in the root of my workspace (although you can change the path in your settings json to point a particular location).
You should be able to configure it there.

Feel free to take from mine what you want: https://github.com/insomniacc/Misc/blob/master/PSScriptAnalyzerSettings.psd1

You can include/exclude rules and apply settings/config to each that allow. The rule definitions can be read here:

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@insomniacc this works better than expected, thank you!

All I had to do is add your example to the root, comment out stuff I don’t care about from include section and restart VSCode.


No Problem, Glad I could help.

Also if you weren’t aware, as a VSCode hotkey ALT + SHIFT + E will auto fix all aliases in your script.

You can also use:

Invoke-ScriptAnalyzer -Path "scriptpath.ps1" -Settings "PSScriptAnalyzerSettings.psd1" -fix

Which will auto fix everything it can including aligning hashtables etc.


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