Recurring articles/session explaining features


As a total Noob; it was a great help that SAPIEN made “Spotlight” articles explaining features and controls for their software (Powershell Studio).

Something similar for UD, explaining best practices, tips and examples would be a great boon for people like me that does Learning-by-trying.
It wouldn’t have to be often.

I’m certain UD can do a lot more that i’m aware of.

@PorreKaj it’s all located here:- which should give you all the information you need on any controls, components and features.


The typical problem with technical documentation is that even when it has “all the information you need on any controls, components and features,” that isn’t enough, because it is too granular. It’s like “helping” someone asking for guidance in writing a short story by handing them a dictionary.

The Universal Dashboard software documentation is better than most in this regard, as it does have some higher level articles. But not enough to help the typical noob, who is going to be not just a noob in UD, but also a noob in front end development, a noob in web development, a noob in HTML5, a noob in server/client models, a noob in authentication, etc. And when you add in UD’s not-PowerShell-standard hierarchy/syntax, it’s a steep learning curve.

Of course, creating large amounts of comprehensive, high-quality documentation that anticipates every need of newbies is a lot of work. Sapien pays for an FTE to write the articles @ParreKaj is referring to. I would rather Adam focus more on updating UD rather than updating docs, and leave it to the rest of us to write blog articles to fill in the gaps.

Tim Curwick