Recent problems with WithSecure

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.4.4
Version: 3.4.3

When trying to start Universal.Server.exe from command line it is getting blocked by WithSecure Agent (install by my IT dept). Some of the times with this error: Suspicious:W32/Malware!DeepGuard Description | F-Secure Labs

If I downgrade to version 3.4.0 I am able to run the server again.

Have you implemented any kind of dangerous functions lately that can cause this?

There isn’t anything that I’m aware of that is causing this. Unfortunately, the detection is based on heuristics and could probably throw a false positive pretty easily. I’d recommend reaching out to F-Secure to see if they have any ideas.

My IT dept uninstalled F-Secure and protected my PC with another product and now I am back in business :slight_smile: