Question about UD Tab

Hi folks !

I’m using UDTabs atm to show off lots of informations about a computer, in order to merge multiple admin tools, locally installed, in one web app. The thing is, as soon as I load the dynamic page for computer details, it take around 5-8 seconds to query the machines (lots of WMI data) + query subsystems like AD / SCCM.

As far as I understand, data contained in every tabs will be loaded at the moment the page is generated and thus, loading time is impacted.

My question is, is there a way to load data when the tab is selected ? with an onclick or onchange event ? or is it, atm, by design that all tab’s content is loaded when the page is generated ?

Many thanks in advance for your help and thoughts !

Cheers !

Hi @Speegel

As far as i know, there is no hooks built into the tabs as of yet.
File an enhancement request on github and i’ll look into it! .

If possible pre-load the data you are choosing to present. In the MarketPlace, check out the PowerShellExplorer Dashboard. It makes use of New-UDEndpointSchedule to load data at a scheduled interval.