Tabs fail after page is loaded for some time

we have a couple of pages which load data and use tabs to hide and show info. If the page has been loaded for some time, 30 mins or so, clicking on the tabs does nothing - focus remains on the current tab.

no big deal as a reload resolves the issue - but maybe of interest

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

Think 25 minutes was the default timeout setting in UD, so most likely the token verifying the session has expired. I think there is solutions for this in PU if you search this forum for timeout settings. I did develop a custom component for this scenario Universal Dashboard Marketplace - UniversalDashboard.UDTimeOut
More information with DEMO on the project page, else you will have to look at tweaking some settings to make the idle timeout longer…I hope this rabble helps :slight_smile:

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